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    Iowa's "Field of Dreams" baseball/movie park is a fantastic attraction but the state as a whole doesn't have the overwhelming attributes of New York. Read full comparison

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Iowa's "Field of Dreams" baseball/movie park is a fantastic attraction but the state as a whole doesn't have the overwhelming attributes of New York.. Even with Iowa’s inclusion of a famous baseball park that draws considerably fanfare, the state is simply dreaming if it believes it can truly compete with New York.

The most famous site within Iowa undoubtedly would be the Field of Dreams Baseball Attraction in Dyersville. The field is the actual one used in the 1989 film of the same name. Lovers of both baseball and movies flock from around the country to get a glimpse of movie history.

Culturally, Iowa has a tremendous 2-3 day state fair the aptly dubbed Iowa State Fair. The relatively modest Iowa draws in record numbers over the course of the fair – roughly one million each year in August.[1]

Iowa truly is impressive in its own realm but when it branches out to take on bigger states like New York, it is completely out of its element.

New York is truly all things to all people. Even the parks that don’t necessarily represent the city life of the state are exquisite. Catskill Park is 700,000 acres of fishing and camping, not to mention walking tracks – just around 300 or so.[1]

Adirondack Park takes the outdoor theme to the next level with rock climbing as its main source of interest. The park is vast and astonishing as it is about the same size as New Hampshire.[2]

Those outdoor parks alone could rival virtually any state including Iowa but New York isn’t done by a long shot.

The Statue of Liberty perhaps is the most defining monument not only in New York but the entire country. The symbolic statue represents freedom and democracy at its best. The World Trade Center Memorial is a tribute to those who showed courage and bravery in the face of terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Other key sites include Niagara Falls or a simple scan out over the Brooklyn Bridge. The Empire State Building certainly deserves a spot on the must-see list as the 102-story building once reigned as the tallest in the world from 1931-1972.[3]

The truly magnanimous New York wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of the 40 theaters that comprise the Broadway area. Those theaters combined for more than 1 billion dollars in ticket sales in 2011.[4]

Iowa remains a bit undaunted, however, the state delivers terrific southern cuisine to go along with several award-winning, noteworthy hotels.

The Hotel Jublien Dubuque and Ameristar Hotel & Casino are ranked as five-star affairs and truly give those visiting a sense of worldly accommodations.[5]

That said, New York is a hotbed of five-star hotels, far too many to list by name. The top two: Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons.

Iowa comes up to the plate and has its sights set on hitting a home run against New York. While the state takes its best crack at victory, New York manages to cruise to an easy win.