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    New York proves that the "Big Apple" is big on landmarks, monuments and weather. Wisconsin is a little less expensive to visit but not by much. Read full comparison

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New York proves that the "Big Apple" is big on landmarks, monuments and weather. Wisconsin is a little less expensive to visit but not by much.. An impressive water park and circus museum isnít enough firepower for Wisconsin to overtake the magnanimous New York, which is an all-around winner.

Wisconsin is home to Noahís Ark, a 33-year-old water park that is the largest in the United States. Age doesnít deter this park or its 51 total slides that are a significant draw for the state.[1]

The other main destination in Wisconsin is the Circus World Museum in Baraboo. The entire lineage of the world-famous, traditional circus is on display, including costumes, memorabilia and other related paraphernalia.

Wisconsinís clowning around only serves as a catalyst for New York. Wisconsinís sites are fine but just donít add up in comparison with the most-populated state in the U.S.

Although most associated with New York City and the happenings there, New York also has some rural, more rustic outdoor areas, starting with Catskill Park.

This 700,000 acres of fishing and camping also includes walking trails. Hiking and rock climbing are specialties in the vast Adirondack Park, which is about the same size as New Hampshire.[2]

For a complete 180-degree turn, the Broadway area isnít a park or monument per say but the 40 theaters that comprise the theatrical district sold more than 1 billion dollars in tickets in 2011.[3]

Wisconsin canít compete, furthermore, with two more poignant monuments that truly define New Yorkís resolve and love affair with promoting freedom.

The Statue of Liberty is the epitome of democracy and sense of purpose as a United States citizen. The more recent World Trade Center Memorial, which is a tribute to those affected by the September 11, 2001 attacks, is saddening yet inspiring to those who visit.

Finding sites in New York that are defined as sheer spectacles isnít easy, either. The 102-story Empire State Building is symbolic of strength in New York and between 1931-1972 was the tallest building in the world.[4] Times Square speaks for itself for anyone who has watched a New Yearís Eve special or quickly gets enamored with sights and sounds.

The remaining comparisons are more of the same: better and more eclectic New York food, a fleet of five-star hotels (led by the Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons) and weather during the summertime that is devoid of humidity.

To Wisconsinís credit, their food of choice the world-famous bratwurst sandwich, a delectable meld of turkey and pork that has become synonymous with the state. Coupled with Milwaukee being home to the Miller Brewing Company and Wisconsin has something its visitors can really sink their teeth into.

All kidding aside, however, Wisconsin pales in comparison to the bright lights, big city feel of New York.