About Us

Comparable.org is a free web-based project consisting of comparisons written by anonymous web volunteers as well as identified experts. Most comparisons contain links to further information on the subject matter. Each comparison is subject to comment and input from anyone with Internet access, either anonymously or using their real identity, and the collective user input is displayed for the benefit of subsequent visitors.

Accordingly, each comparison and the subsequent comments and input are a reflection of the opinions of the writers and contributors and should be taken as such.

Each day, Comparable visitors add to and enhance the growing list of comparisons on an every expanding range of topics. Each comparison displays the number of visitors who have added input as well as a visual graphic reflecting the consensus views on the comparison.

Comparable has quickly become one of the fastest growing reference web sites, with traffic growing at a rate of 20% each week since its launch in September 2012.

To become a volunteer contributing editor, please contact Comparable’s editorial department (link). Comparisons are continuously posted and then updated as early versions are augmented and corrected as new information becomes available.

Comparable.org is based in Tallahassee, Florida and is a registered trademark of Massive Bet, LLC.